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Its The Clash Of The Legends!

The recent performance of the Indian football team at the international level has seen football become a buzzing sport in the country especially in the past couple of years. With the Indian Super League (ISL) and the I-League operating at full pace, the level of football has definitely risen as compared to the past decade.

However, one cannot simply forget the brilliance on the pitch displayed by players from the past such as Bruno Coutinho, Brahmanand Sankhwalkar, Clifford Miranda and many others. Well, the thought of legendary figures like them hitting the ground running once again would is as exciting as it sounds and quite interestingly, it cannot be completely ruled out either.

Last year, the likes of IM Vijayan and Renedy Singh featured in a Legends Match organized by Vedanta with its flagship CSR project- Sesa Football Academy in Goa. Lots of other legends from the state as well as across the country were part of the exhibition game.

The Match was a great success so much so that we are already coming up with the second edition this September! Yes, the Legends are back!

The Duler Stadium in Mapusa is all set to host the match as Goa will see its legendary players take the center stage once again and it will be a one of a kind experience!

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